1981 Catalina Catalina 38 C-38 S&S located in Oklahoma for sale

38.3' Catalina Catalina 38 C-38 S&S


If calling to inquire leave message or sms. I am almost always in a meeting or sailing : )

Tranquility a Shoal Draft, Fresh Water Catalina 38 S&S Design. Sail, Sailboat Sail boat. If you're familiar with the Sparkman Stevens Swan this Hull design will be familiar. The hull is a tumblehome design with a wine stem transom. The Sparkman Stevens Yankee design was purchased by Catalina for the purpose of competing in the congressional Cup Race. Well it did and it Won. This hull design Is quite unique reminds me of the Sailing frigates of old. Low slung with a rounded freeboard area. The stern view will help to demonstrate this. The result is a very nice ride. While my Friends boats are bashing through the waves Tranquility is gliding along Pushing the spray outboard.
In a fresh breeze Tranquility balances nicely with Furler deployed headsail only. Cruising comfortably at around 6 KTS. The furling system is well tuned I have no problems furling in a tach with winds blowing between 30-40 KTS.

Tranquility is being prepared for off shore sailing.
Phase II is underway
Removed Edson Helm This is complete but could be remounted. My goal is to move helm station under hard dodger to get out of the weather. Cockpit will be capable of 100% Enclosure. Using Hard Bimini and stratoglass. If you prefer the aft Helm it can be reinstalled. The Helm was removed and the Deck Reinforced for hydraulic steering and autopilot. In phase 3, I plan to install a wind vane. This will not happen to next year after taking the boat down water way 40 to New Orleans where there are skilled labor for the install.

Install Hydraulic Stering
This is in process
Helm re-located to Port Cabin Bulkhead.

Complete Hard Top Bimini
Complete Hard Top Dodger
Install Second windlass and Anchor

Interior Install Secondary Fuel Bladder
Install Water Maker
Install B&G FM Radio with AIS
Tear Out Refer Rebuild with Enhanced Insuation.

Install Titanium Chain Plates to reinforce current design remove older stainless plates.
The inboard Diesel engine is Westerbeke 5424, Universal refers to this as an M30 / Kubota D-1101
Most parts with the exception of marine cooling system can be purchased from Kubota tractor dealer much less expensive than universal or Westerbeke. Example Marine alternator 865.00 I I paid 124.00 for the same part. this is a 3 Cylinder Diesel engine. Burns clean, uses about 1/2 Gallon HR - at 4kts. Approximately 1 GPH at 7kts. The engine has a pressure pump that brings fuel from Tank via Racor separator. Separator filter was changed last year a spare is provided. Alternator was replaced last year. Engine Oil every other month. Fuel gauge sending unit replaced last year. Cooling is via heat exchanger it has two water pumps one for the closed system (Antifreeze). Fresh water pump which drives water from through hull to the heat exchanger then overboard. The Exhaust pipe was changed recently this is a galvanized pipe and know too corrode over time. The exhaust rises vertically from the exhaust flange up to an Aluminum part which injects water into the exhaust.
Tranquility has a well if not beautifully insulated ice box. This box is fairly large for boats of this size. Access is via top doors. The onboard AGM batteries with solar power will provide for operation of all systems with full batteries at the end of the day. The cabin has 3 DC Fans but I generally run the 110 volt fans via the included 2000 watt pure signwave power inverter. I often work from the boat and I can say it is great to be able to heave to. Get out the MacBook Pro and go to work. with the combination of WiFi and Cell booster I am always in range. College Football underway is not a problem. Thank you Youtube TV!
ok what else lets see Back at the dock after a long day of sailing. Plug in the power turn on the 16K Marine Air and Relax! This unit is outstanding! Heats and Cools. Does the boat have a generator NO. I do have a Honda 2200i that I have used in the past but not powerful enough to pull the AC. Batteries Power the fans so since adding solar I don't carry the generator around. If you like AC when not pier side I recommend the Generac GP3000i about a grand. I have made a space for this under the port lazaretto.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Catalina 38

She is well equipped:
Solar Equipped, BG Vulcan Chart Plotter, Cold Air-conditioning, Outstanding Refrigeration, Plush comfortable interior. 2000 Watt Inverter. Long Range Wifi, Cellular Booster, Primary 45LB Mantis Anchor 100' 3/8 HT. Secondary 30Lb 50' 5/16 200' nylon Rode.

Located at Grand Lake Oklahoma
CruiseAir 16K, Adler Barbour refrigeration, CruiseAir De Humidifier Compressor type,
B&G Chart Plotter, Forward looking Sonar, Wireless Wind Vane New B&G.

Galley: Origo 6000 Alcohol 2-burner stove/oven, Panasonic microwave.
A little about this wonderful stove. This works great, before you turn your nose up take it for a spin. I cook all of our meals on this stove. Boil water for coffee. Bake pizza I even bake bread. Frankly propane scares me a bit. Also in a pinch I can distill alcohol for the stove, try doing that with propane. A normal day. will burn 2-4 oz of fuel. Bread or pizza about 3 oz Gallon of Fuel at home depot is 19.00, last's me all season.

Location: Oklahoma, Oklahoma
(918) 808-5061

masthead sloop

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