2000 Catalina 34 located in Maryland for sale

34' Catalina 34


This Catalina 34 is one of three boats owned by the Spa Creek Club based out of Annapolis Maryland.

The Spa Creek Club is a membership owned sailing club compromised of 20 members, each owning a 5% stake, who share three (3) sailboats between Annapolis and Herrington Harbor.

This ad is for a 5% membership stake in the Spa Creek Club which provides use of the following three boats to its members.

The Boats:
1. Breezin, a 2000 Catalina 34 MK II, located at Herrington Harbour South in Deale MD
2. Gabbiano II, a 1994 Catalina 320, located at Watergate Pointe Marina, Annapolis MD.
3. Carry On, a 2003 Beneteau 311, located at Watergate Pointe Marina, Annapolis MD.

All three boats are well equipped for daysailing, weekend trips, and week long cruises around the Chesapeake Bay.

The one time cost to buy the membership is $6,000 and you get this money back whenever you leave the Club. The cost of the membership is set by the club each year at the annual Club meeting. It cannot be negotiated. It's been $6000 for the past several years, but may increase in 2021.

The annual membership dues are $2,725 per year. Every member pays the same amount and this money is used to pay for marina expenses, insurance, and repairs and maintenance. A portion of the dues each year are also held in a "New Boat Fund" so that about every five years the Club has the resources to sell one of its older boats, and buy a new boat for club use.

You can reserve up to five (5) consecutive weekdays at at time and one (1) weekend day at a time. As an example, you can reserve the six day period of Monday-Saturday or Sunday-Friday, but you can't reserve Saturday to Saturday. Once you use a reservation you can make another one. You can use the boats as much as you want without any extra cost.

Membership Requirements:
1. You must have experience sailing on boats of similar size to the Club boats.
2. Every member performs 16 hours of maintenance per year. This can be done individually on your own time, or at one of the sponsored Club "work parties."
3. Whenever you decide to leave the Club, you are responsible for selling your membership share (just like I'm doing right now)
4. While not a requirement, there are opportunities to take on leadership roles in the Club if you want. Club officers include President, Vice President/Secretary, Treasurer and Boat Chair (there are 3 boat chars, one for each boat). Officers are chosen each year at the annual membership meeting which is typically held at a local bar/restaurant but this year will be done via Zoom.

General Remarks:
The Spa Creek Club is a great way to sail without the full responsibility of boat ownership. It's a member operated club, so there is no middle man taking a profit. Technically Spa Creek Club, Inc. is a non-profit. It's been around for about 40 years. The Club has members from the age of 30's-70's. I've been in the club for 4 years and it's been a great experience. I'm selling because I've decided to purchase a boat of my own.

Location: Annapolis, Maryland

masthead sloop

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