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Welcome to the Support Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) Want to FEATURE YOUR BOAT on our Home Page?

Want hundreds of people every day to see your boat on the very first page of our site? All it costs is $25 to feature your sailboat on our homepage for up to 2 months or until your boat sells, whichever comes first!

How do I feature my boat on your homepage?

a.) Click here to pay via credit card.

Sailboat ID L# (appears in gray to the left of your phone number in the form L1234)
or the URL of your Sailboat that you would like Featured (copy and paste from your browser's Address bar)

b.) If you haven't already added a normal listing, add your sailboat (click "Post an Ad", create a username and password, and post your boat's details and photo.)

c.) Be sure to enter the same email address when you pay via credit card as you use to create the ad.

Within 24 hours of your payment, we will add your boat to the Featured Sailboats on our Homepage! It's that easy!

2.) Want to include a photo but don't have a scanner?

If you would like to include a photograph of your sailboat but do not have a scanner, we would be happy to scan and include your photo(s) for you. Just send your photo(s) to:
c/o Boat Design Net
Box 52
Beaver Island, MI 49782

Include ten dollars ($10.00) per photo to cover our time, your email address and/or phone number so we can match up your photo with the sailboat you have added to our database. Payment via check or money order is fine.

Please make checks payable to
Boat Design Net

3.) What kind of exposure does an ad on get?

The number of times your ad will be seen depends on the specific boat in question and how popular it is with people searching our site and the web in general. You may view our overall site statistics to get an idea though of how many people are currently viewing and searching on our site. We have been very pleased with our growth over the past years.

4.) Are there any charges involved?

You are welcome to list your boat for free without any charge.

If you would like a thumbnail of your boat to appear on our Home Page to maximize visibility of your sailboat, the cost is only $25 for a featured ad for up to two months. See Instructions to Feature Your Boat above.

5.) What are the terms of service?

Please view our terms of service & access agreement (link) — these are the terms you must agree to in order to access our site or to post your boat for sale on our site. It is important to note that all transactions are direct between buyer and seller; does not function as a broker or screen or qualify buyers or sellers in any way. does not request or recieve any commission based on the sale of any boat posted here. All transactions are direct between buyer and seller.

6.) I forgot my username & password

Please write down your username and password when you first create them. They are one-way encrypted and we will not be able to retrieve your password for you later if you forget it.

7.) How do I modify or delete my ad once my boat has sold?

Please delete your ad when your boat sells.

You must login with the Username and Password you used when you created the Ad. Once you login, the Modify and Delete functions will appear in the top menu bar, and will list all ads you have associated with your username. (You can only delete or modify ads which belong to you.)

If you forget your username or password, you will need to use the support form below to request existing ads be deleted, or for your password to be manully reset (providing you have access to the contact email listed on the ad), and this will be done as time allows. It may take some time to reset your password for you, so please remember your username and password. We will not be able to modify free ads for you.

Featured Sailboats are given priority, and we are happy to modify or delete Featured Sailboats at your request.

8.) Can you help me estimate how much it will cost to ship a sailboat from one city to another?

You can get quotes from many different shippers at uship (note is not affiliated with the independent sailboat transport bids you recieve using uship)

uShip Boat Transportation

9.) Can Wanted ads be posted?

No, sorry. is only for posting specific sailboats for sale. Wanted or trade ads are not currently an option.

10.) Can Powerboats be listed on

No - please search for or post used powerboats for sale on

Contact Us for Assistance or to Give Feedback:

  If you are requesting us to delete or modify an existing sailboat, your email address must match the email address used to create the record.
  If you are writing about an existing sailboat, please including the sailboat ID number which appears in gray on the detail page in the form L1234 and in the URL. Failure to provide the Sailboat ID may result in a significant delay servicing your request.
Sailboat ID:
  If you are writing about an existing sailboat, please tell us your boat's make and model.



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