Custom Trimaran  located in Utah for sale

18' Custom Trimaran


Description: This incredible boat is "EVERGLADES CHALLENGE READY" it fully assembles under 5 minutes flat. If this boat needed anything, you could repaint for the big race.

You can pedal, paddle and or sail for maximum speed. This Trimaran has a HOBIE PEDAL DRIVE SYSTEM, HOBIE 16 SAIL and functions much like its closest competitor the HOBIE Adventure Island(HAI). Although the HAI is similar, this boat is SUPERIOR IN EVERY REGARD. Hobie should have built the HAI and others, like this boat but didn't because polyethylene roto-molded-hulls are quick and cheap and bring the highest profits to the company.

The hull of this boat is hand-laid carbon fiber and cured under pressure in a vacuum bag. Hulls are lighter, longer, more slender, and more stiff, this means less friction/drag in the water and more speed. This boat has more storage space and carrying capacity. It has more freeboard and a built-in spray-skirt forward of the cockpit providing a dryer and more comfortable ride.

HOBIE boasts wave piercing hulls. Look closely at the slender reverse-bow wave-ercing hulls on this boat then compare to HAI for a good chuckle.

The carbon fiber mast is self supported. Dyneema stays quickly clip onto outer aka beam and bow for additional support. You can shift the 9' inner carbon fiber aka box-beam side-to-side when boarding or exiting from a dock or moved leeward for addional stability while sailing.

Steering has been upgraded from serpentine line and blocks (in some of the pictures) to a simple push-pull, catamaran style, light weight aluminum tiller(Also pictured).

Transport of this boat is easy(See picture of it on SUV). You can transport it on a mid-sized car with a roof rack or behind ANY VEHICLE on a cheap modified Harbor Freight trailer. I am 53 and can easily lift it from the ground onto my shoulder by myself. You will be amazed how light and strong the boat is!

FYI, a HAI sells for $4,900 and a trailer is another $1,500. The LiteboatXT carbon fiber Trimaran is $18K plus shipping from France.


Equipment: There is no sense of urgency or desperation to sell this fantastic one-of-a-kind boat. I am "Thinning the Fleet" using the proceeds to finish 2 carbon fiber Rowcruiser trimarans I am building(I will keep one of those and sell the other for $12,950) look for that boat in approx 6 months time.

On the off-season, you could use the main hull as a 2-part male mold to fabricate the most awesome carbon fiber Land Sailer and still have a Trimaran for the water. I HAVE MORE PICTURES FOR SERIOUS BUYERS.

Calls have asked about Ama's: they measure 9'-9" long, 13" tall and 8-1/2" at widest point(Mid-ship). Only lightweight items are stored inside Ama's such as fenders and dock lines.

Location: St George, Utah


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