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Want hundreds of people every day to see your boat on the very first page of our site? All it costs is $25 to feature your sailboat on our homepage for up to 2 months or until your boat sells, whichever comes first!

How do I feature my boat on your homepage?

1.) Click here to pay via credit card.

Sailboat ID (appears in gray to the left of your phone number in the form L1234)
or the URL of your sailboat that you would like Featured (copy and paste from your browser's Address bar)

2.) If you haven't already added your sailboat, add your sailboat (click "Post an Ad", create a username and password, and post your boat's details and photo.)

3.) Please enter the same email address when you pay via credit card as the contact you have used when posting your sailboat. If it is different, please let us know.

Within 24 hours of your payment, we will add your boat to the Featured Sailboats on our Homepage! It's that easy!

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