1981 MAO TA MAO TA 36 located in Virginia for sale

36' MAO TA MAO TA 36


Hello. I have a Mao Ta 36 similar to the Union Polaris 36. This Boat is a project and she needs a bit more work done before she can be put back in the water. I don't have the time to invest into finishing the job. If you're a good with your hands and you like to work on boats, this may be what you're looking for.

I bought her a year ago out of Texas and had her shipped to Virginia. The boat has been on the side of my house for the last year. I built a fully enclosed structure around her which has kept her out of the weather. I'll include the enclosure if the buyer would like to take it down and move it.

A lot of work has already been done on her and all thats left are the smaller more cosmetic jobs: sanding, painting, wood and formica work, and the reinstalling of hardware.

Currently she does not have an engine but the engine compartment has been rebuilt and is ready for a new one. I do have the drive shaft and the propeller. I have a ton of various parts including a new fuel filter system and a used engine control box.

The boat's hull is sound. The bottom paint still needs to be removed and reapplied.

I removed one of the water tanks because it had a crack in a tube. The tank is fine but will need a little work before it can be reinstalled.

The Edson steering has been completely rebuilt and ready to be installed.

The bow sprit has been rebuilt and is ready to be installed.

The bronze through hulls have all be removed and serviced and are ready to be installed as soon as the hull is painted.

Most of the hardware has all been re-chromed and in everything is in great condition.

The teak decks have been removed and all the holes epoxied in. My plan was to put nonskid down rather than install new teak decks. The deck is as firm as it can get and has zero soft spots. The decks need to be painted before any hardware an can be reinstalled.

The boat has an absurd amount of teak through out the boat. It one of my favorite parts of the boat.

The aluminum mast needs some work.

Call me if you're interested.


Location: Colonial Beach, Virginia

project boat

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