25' Catalina Yachts Catalina 25

2' 8"'

Description: Swing keel. Great for trailering. In the event of a grounding, the keel gently swings back and away rather than getting damaged or causing damage to the hull as can happen with fixed keels. Keel is also cast iron. This provides good ballast and the heavy weight of the keel prevents many of the annoying banging noises associated with unballasted swing keels. The keel can be raised by way of a simple and reliable manual winch system located below the companionway steps. Little effort is required to operate the winch. When the keel is fully raised to its horizontal position the draft is only 2'8". Down the draft is 5'. When the swing keel on the Catalina 25 is fully lowered, the keel orientation is high aspect and has a symmetrical foil shape, similar to modern race boats, so that the boat points to weather extremely well and tacks on a dime. When completely raised, only a small part of the keel is enveloped in the hull, with the rest protruding. So therefore when the keel is fully raised, the keel orientation is very low aspect, essentially a full keel configuration, enabling the boat to track well with little helm attention, even when sailing downwind.
Fit and finish of the Catalina 25 is not luxurious but is better than expected at this price-point. Wood trim is solid teak and bulkheads are teak-veneered marine grade plywood. Accommodations are typical but very good for a boat of this size due to its moderate freeboard and beam carried well aft. The original Catalina 25 marketing materials indicate the boat sleeps five, although one owner reported regularly sleeping with his wife and five children on the boat, as well as two guests on one occasion. The accommodations should be acceptable for any average-sized couple or typical family.
This boat is in dry storage when not in use. Good condition. Sails almost new. Boat tracks well and is easily maneuvered. Ready to put back in the water.

Equipment: I recommend a used 8-10 hp motor that you can get pretty cheap. The motor that is currently on it needs repair and does not come with it. The marine ac is optional and if you want it included the price is $4000 instead of 3k

Location: Cape Haze, Florida

masthead sloop

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