1978 O'Day 22 located in Vermont for sale

22' O'Day 22


Great little boat. Just sailed and motored the ICW to Goergia, and it's time to move onto the next adventure.
Boat: "Tern" 1978 22 Oday. Last owners hardly used her and she sat on land by Lake Champlain. Two main sails and a brand new hank on 110% jib ($500). Deck stepped mast comes down easy. Simple rigging makes for pleasant single handing. Very agile boat that points well into the wind. Great for bay sailing and a veteran of nearshore ocean cruising. She's seen 8 ft seas and while I don't recommend it, she can handle some nasty conditions. Shoal keel draws less than 3ft, great for tucking up into otherwise inaccessible anchorages. 2 Danforth anchors included as well as lots of other boat things. New battery and VHF radio, boating equipment alone is worth the asking price. Berth room for 4, I lived comfortably on her for 5 months. 3 gal Porta-head. Two soft spots on in the decking fiberglass, and a seeping through hole. For an old boat she's a champ, helped me get through some tall water in thunderstorms in the Chesapeake.
Motor: Late 90s Johnson 9.9hp Outboard. 2 cycle. Gave it a lot of TLC, and she got a new carborator in Cape May. Very reliable, pushed me all the way down the ICW, used it almost daily for months. Draws from 3 gal gas tank. Cruises comfortably at 5 kts for about 30 stat. miles. It really pushes the boat and will get you into inlets against the strong low country tides.
Trailor: Just refurbished, and brought the boat home from Goergia. 17 ft long.
Tern was my home for the winter and a lovely adventure partner. If you're looking for a solid and compact sailboat with a history of reliability and adventure, this is the boat for you. She's far more than just a day sailer.

2 mainsails
1 hank-on 110% jib
1 3 gal fuel tank with feed into motor
1 9.9Hp Outboard motor on an adjustable mount
3 5 gal portable gas tanks
All rigging and lines are less than one year old
Climbing webbing jacklines running fore to cockpit and a webbing chest harness (for singlehanding in rough seas)
3 15ft dock lines
Misc other lines
2 danforth anchors with 4ft chain and 150ft rodes
2 large fenders
3 smaller fenders
1 throwable live preserver / seat cushion
3? misc. orange life jackets
All Coast Gaurd mandated safety gear:
2 fire extinguishers
6 hand held flares
1 air horn
1 6 month old battery, water is full
1 VHF radio telephone mounted just inside cabin, new model, transmits at 1 or 25 watts, good range out to 3 miles, can attach to a GPS unit (never had one)
1 15 watt solar panel trickle charger
1 new battery maintainer/charger: plugs into 120V without ground pin
1 30 AMP to 120V adapter and a 50 ft extension cord
1 extendable boat hook
1 8 ft wooden oar (shoal pole)
2 cushions for bench berths
2 cushions for V berth
1 2 outlet, 2 USB power inverter
1 12V anchor light on 15 ft cable- haul it up on a halyard for 360 light and light down onto the deck
1 LED cabin light as part of installed electric system
Running lights
1 12V bilge pump (not automatic, plugs into a car charger port and pumps when turned on)
1 hand pumped bilge pump
1 4 ft inflatable row boat and 2 plastic oars, basically a pool toy, but makes for an expeditious mooring craft if you're willing to get wet.
1 folding ladder that hangs off cockpit
1 3 gal capacity Portahead and about a pint of head fluid left
assorted spare parts

Location: Johnson, Vermont


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